Upgrade Your Training with a Tumble Kick Air Track! Why?

The Tumble Kick Air Track Because Kids Love It

and So Will You

See What Our Air Track Can Do For You

  • Enhance Your TaeKwonDo Training
  • Add Birthday Parties to Your Revenue Source
  • Develop Life Long Students from a Young Age
We have a video to show you how our Air Track will help you increase revenue. It’s password protected so please text us for the password at 818-302-5242 or 
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Engineered by a Martial Art for Martial Artists

Master B. Kim, TaeKwonDo Martial Arts World Champion, designed the TK Air Track for our studio engineering it to give the perfect bounce and support for martial art moves and techniques.  Seeing its potential, other Studio owners asked to buy the Air Track so we decided to share this great teaching tool.

Quality You Can See

As Martial Artists, you know detail and strength is everything. We’ve brought that same philosophy to the construction of our Air Track. We worked closely with our manufacturer to create a high quality air track that both performs and looks good. It’s turned out so well, there is now a patent pending.

Student Enrollment and Retention Made Easy

Better trained students means better student retention and easier enrollment of new students. It’s also just plain fun teaching an exciting curriculum to students.

As a Studio Owner Your Passionate About Martial Arts. Teaching is Your Lifeblood. It’s Also Your Livelihood.

You’re always looking to refine and innovate your martial arts training.  For 4 years, we’ve been perfecting our Tumble Kick Air Track.  What’s an Air Track? It’s an exciting tool that can be used to increase speed, strength and balance for traditional martial art moves for the disciplines of TaeKwonDo, Karate & Kung Fu.  It’s also great for adding parkour style moves to your martial arts curriculum. Watch our video to learn more.

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Enhance TaeKwnDo Training

Do Birthday Parties

Start Early Learning Classes

Are you in the Southern California area and want to see our Air Track up close?

We’d love for your to come by.  We have two locations in the Los Angeles area.

  • Tumble Kick Studio West Hollywood at 8182 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 201 (on the famous Sunset Strip), Los Angeles, CA 90046
  • Tumble Kick Studio City, Studio City, CA 91604

To arrange a tour, complete our form below.  Even if you aren’t in the area, contact us. We can do ‘face time’ with you to answer any questions.