Air Tracks Used Around the Globe for Martial Arts. Don’t fall behind. Join the Revolution Now.

Use if for Traditional TKD Kicks

Use It as an Air Wall

Use It As a Motivational Tool

The History behind the Design

The first Air Tracks were developed and used in Korea several years ago. Use of Air Tracks has spread around the globe and are very popular in Europe as well as Asia. A quick You Tube search shows how popular they are. Many of the Air Tracks you see on You Tube are sealed inflatable devices. They give slightly more bounce than traditional spring floors which are used in traditional gymnastic centers and for martial arts such as Capoeira.  We rejected these Air Tracks (or Air Floors as they are sometimes called) as they are too hard not providing enough bounce for martial arts tricks. The alternative to these Air Tracks are the Air Tracks that need a constant air blower to keep them inflated. Higher than the normal sealed Air Track, these Air Tracks are very bouncy and can be an alternative to trampolines. We rejected these Air Tracks because they give too much bounce giving the user a false sense of what they can do and because we thought these Air Tracks were dangerous for our use. We also disliked the need for a blower machine which are noisy and unsightly. Because they deflate without a blower, these Air Tracks must be stored away when not in use making this inconvenient.

Designed for Quality with the Best Price Possible

We designed our Air Track to give just the right amount of bounce to enhance martial arts training but not too much bounce which inhibits effective training. Our sealed Air Track  means that no constant noisy air blowing is needed.  It also means no need for storage. Our Air Track is meant to be displayed at all times. And when more space is needed, put it against the wall where it becomes another tool for additional kicks and tricks.

Master Kim, developer of TK Air Track

Tumble Kick Air Tracks was developed by former Martial Arts World Champion, Master Kim at his studios the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center and Tumble Kick Martial Arts for Children. For over 20 years, he’s been teaching LAChildren with a ‘Whos Who’ of celebrity parents. Our program combines traditional TaeKwonDo training with the innovations developed using the Air Track.  His martial arts training for children includes combines traditional TaeKwonDo with exciting innovations using the Tumble Kick Air Track. Our training has been featured in the LA Times, Los Angeles Magazine and on MTV. Choreography work was included on a World Tour by the band Muse.

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